Saturday, September 20, 2014

Because new things are cool.

Apparently since I have a blog now I feel the need to sit here and think about things to say.  Which is dumb because if you have to sit here and think about what you want to say then its not real and it's not raw which is the opposite of what I'm trying to do here.  So no, this isn't about the things I sat here and thought about saying. This is about over thinking and how its fucking stupid. 

 I literally could not tell you how many times I sit there and THINK about saying things.  As a disclaimer, its probably a good thing I don't just go say exactly what I'm thinking all the time because every time I have its ended badly so I guess I'm just a terrible person or whatever, I don't really give a shit though, so. Why do people think so hard about everything they say.  If you think about how much you think before saying things you'll realize that literally no body knows the real you.  Yes, filters are good and necessary in life but what if everyone was just honest all the time.  the only reason that there is a need for filters is because someone somewhere down the line decided to be an asshole and get offended by someones opinion because I guess we're all allowed to have one as long as we keep it to ourselves.  Which is fucking dumb.  I challenge everyone who reads this to, for one full day, write down every single thought you have to add to a conversation that you have to keep to yourself because it wouldn't be "PC" or socially acceptable.  Moral of the story, stop giving a shit about what people would say and just do you.

Ramblings of a drunkard 

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