Saturday, September 20, 2014


If you read my first post then you probably got the idea that my blog was just going to be a bunch of venting, bitchy posts about boys and bitches and just life in general.  If you guessed this then you would be 100% correct; however, it will also include random and potentially serious conversations that i would normally have in my head.  This is not one of those.  This is just going to be me bitching because misery loves company but it loves booze more, so fuck you.

So, lets just jump right into the bitching.  My "significant" other and I met a long time ago, before college and "discovering yourself" and all the fucking bull shit that goes along with that.  Since college a lot of things have changed, My boyfriend, we'll just call him Q (mostly just because I've always wanted to do that but also to conceal my and his identity in case some moron actually sits here and reads the stupid shit I have to say), recently decided to become a dick head.  Last semester was really bad, thank god I didn't have a blog then because it would have been absolutely ridiculous and every other word would have been cunt, this semester, though, I thought I had a decent handle on the situation, this past week has made me realize I was wrong which is why I'm sitting here excessively drinking and thinking a blog with all my thoughts is a good idea.  Yes, that was a run on sentence. Fuck you, I'm not an English major.  So, like I was saying, last semester he was being a complete and absolute cock sucker.  When my 21's birthday and our 3 year anniversary came around he decided to refuse to visit me.  I never got a gift and he never made me a cake, but we're not going to talk about that because if I went into last semester people would think I murdered someone which (unfortunately) didn't happen.  So, like I said, he skipped everything important.  This past weekend his roommates friend (slut) turned 21 (pretty much all of his roommates friends are children, like legit I will be married with children before they turn 21) and Q thought he was going to take this girl out to celebrate her birthday.  Yes, I am super jealous and controlling and whatever the fuck you want to call me.  So we got in a huge fight over this and he had his roommate block me from all social media sites and block me from his phone, very mature. We are STILL not talking which is actually fine with me because I don't feel like dealing with his shit right now.  So, that's where I'm at right now.  Q is a cock sucker and I wanna scream in his face.

"Significant" OTHER

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