Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Queer...
So, I really doubt anyone else will actually be able to relate to this post but I'm writing this for me so I don't give a shit.  Ever have the sneaking suspicion that your boyfriend wants to be playing for the other team, that he isn't just a fan of gay rights because its fair, that he has a dirty little secret.  Well, for the past three years I've had that worry with my boyfriend.  It started small but has literally gone through points where my boyfriend has literally told me I think I'm gay and am attracted to men.  Of course me, being a dominant controlling woman has brushed this aside and helped him "worked through it."  After all, I'm not going to let over 3.5 years of my life have been for nothing, I plan on having children in the near future.  What do I even do at this point, we've been together so long I feel like I'm stuck and I could get another guy in a second but I'd be too embarrassed to drop the one I already have. Ugh,  This is just going to be one of the many blogs on this issue so I'll just stop here for now, I guess I have a LOT to think about.  Well, PT at 5am (that's another interesting story I'll explain that one tomorrow) Nighty night, and by that I mean I'm going to go make pancakes, finish my beer, shower, and watch Sabrina.  Long live the comma before the and!
Just a day in the life :)

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